Jenkin Greenwillow

Wood Elf, Monk, Seelie court ----- Specialty: Hunting in woods. Special Skills: Fey wild, Ancient Magic


An average height Wood elf, Jenkin looks lean and lanky with just enough meat on his bones to make him look like some resemblance of the word healthy. He has a light brown skin tone that you would say is darker then tan. He has hazel eyes and shoulder length black hair that he keeps maintained in a bun. He wears the mark of the Seelie court on the back of his left hand. He wears simple vestments.


Jenkin Greenwillow was born under nobility in the Faewild. As an only child and next of kin to take head of the Greenwillow name, he was ushered to early studying and practices. While showing a lack of drive and application in his studies, Jenkin showed true promise in athleticism; although you could never tell by the looks of him. Scrawny from birth Jenkin was never the one to emerge from a group of people. However once you gave him the chance to move, Jenkin would take that chance to etch himself into ones memories. He had enough brute power to survive and shine, but when added with his agility and reflexes that had no worthy comparison, you knew that they would tell stories of Jenkin.

As a child Jenkin was instilled with a sense of fatherly instincts. And even though his critical thinking and social awareness did not mature at the same rate at his body, his fatherly instincts did. He joined a group of all elven soldiers (a brigade one would call it) who regularly protected his homeland from dangerous creatures and other sorts. He fine tuned his reflexes to become a person people could lean on. While not that many, Jenkin did make everlasting bonds with the people he worked with. He had an amazing sense of protection. No matter what or where if one of his few friends needed him, or if his homeland was in danger, he arrived and fought with everything he had.

These were the only bonds Jenkin would make however. For the most part he kept to himself. While Jenkin did have the focus of an elf, it was only for things he deemed fun or satisfying. Protecting his clan was satisfying. Learning to play the lyre was fun. Talking to most people or making friends…not so much. Though not for lack of effort. Jenkin tried his very best to be friendly but at the end of the day, it almost never worked out. So he kept to himself. He adopted his own rules for life and lived by them everyday.

jenkin still has a child like way of living life even as a young adult. Though he is aware of his responsibilities to protect his land and not embarrass himself or his clan, he is still the man that picks up something shiny off the street. He will touch the item that has been clearly marked don’t touch. He’s probably the one that breaks it as well. And boy oh boy does Jenkin have a nasty addiction to ale. Not even hitting 200 years of age yet, his parents worry about the future of the clan in his hands. Unbeknownst to them though, Jenkin is too worried; but not for the same reasons. Because Jenkin knows somethings coming and he’s going to go to the ends of the earth to stop it.

Jenkin Greenwillow

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