Sindri Folkor

Unseelie court leprechaun druid


Wavy black hair, small size, brown eyes,lean muscled,leprechaun,cloth armor. Knowledgeable in the fey lands and specializes in tracking.


Grew up in the forests of the feylands learning how to hunt and get along with the animals and nature. After becoming a druid and reaching adulthood, he pledged himself to the unseelie court, from then start doing jobs for them as a bounty hunter. Doesn’t like people too much prefers to be with animals. Gets angry at those who mess with nature. Only met with a couple of his own kind, and definitely doesn’t like how the seelie court does things. He’s managed to get along with some people with similar interests as well as those who helped him before like Professor Lorrimor.

Sindri Folkor

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