Half-Elf Bard


Bruno is a male Half-Elf about 5’10’’ high. He has long, dark-brown hair, tan skin, small brown eyes, and short but pointed ears. Bruno has a very wiry build; while he doesn’t look malnourished, he is far from a fit or muscular build. He has no notable scars or markings apparent at first glance, but he has a tattoo on his upper left chest that says “Ravenwhaaaaa” that he got while in Ravengrow. He tends to wear light and baggy clothing; usually wearing either a dark green and blue tunic or a dark brown robe, and almost always wearing a black, light weight scarf. He carries around most of his belongings in a satchel that hangs on his right side, with rope hanging on the outside of the satchel and his lute strapped to his back.


Bruno began traveling with Professor Petros Lorrimor 9 years ago as his assistant, and has always seen him as somewhat of a father figure. He joined the professor in most of his ventures to investigate the occult, occasionally staying at the University of Lepisdstadt when Lorrimor had to take trips that he felt were too dangerous. Having shown an interest in learning magic, the professor helped introduce Bruno to people throughout their travels to show him the different forms of magic, and to see what he was capable of practicing. After traveling with the professor for 6 years, he decide to join the Bardic College in Lepisdstadt when Lorrimor said he would have to part ways for a few years to look into a “dangerous matter”, as he described it. After studying at the college for 3 years, he received a letter about the professor’s death with an invitation to the funeral being held in the town of Ravenwhaaaaa Ravengro. Taking a break from his studies, Bruno departed south to attend the funeral to pay his respects to his friend and mentor.


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